VESUVIATE draws its inspiration from the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, capturing the essence of that powerful event. The logo incorporates a depiction of the eruption, represented by a fireball. The brand chose to revise the fire flame to a fireball to ensure its suitability as a 360-degree logo for the watch crown and clasp. At VESUVIATE Watches, their goal is to create the ultimate everyday tool-watch designed for individuals with active lifestyles. The watches are engineered to cater to the passions of divers, aviators, racers, sailors, sports enthusiasts, and more. The brand’s aim is to provide exceptional quality and functionality at an affordable price point. Explore the collections of rugged tool-watches crafted from carefully selected materials. An industry-proven thermochemical surface treatment process is used, that modifies the properties of the material itself. Unlike surface coating techniques such as PVD, CVD, and DLC that merely apply a thin layer over the metal, the process involves a thermochemical reaction. Through this process, nitrogen ions diffuse into the material's surface, resulting in a case-hardened outer layer. This treatment enhances hardness, wear resistance, and other desirable characteristics, making the watches able to withstand the most demanding environments while ensuring improved working lifespan, strain limit, and fatigue strength. Note: VESUVIATE’s industry surface treatment process should not be confused with surface coating techniques. Unlike coatings that may eventually peel, crack, or flake off due to poor adhesion between the coating and substrate, the brand’s process modifies the material itself, providing a durable and long-lasting solution.
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