Atelier Wen was founded by two French men, Wilfried Buiron and Robin Tallendier – two close friends who bonded while studying in Beijing back in 2016. Through a shared passion for China, watches and starting new adventures, and fuelled by the observation that the industry has a lack of awareness regarding Chinese craftsmanship, Atelier Wen was created to celebrate the deep well of traditional and modern watchmaking capabilities in China. The brand is big on transparency and high-quality watchmaking has been at their core since the first timepieces were created. To produce the most meaningful and well-made timepieces, Atelier Wen uses the best expertise and materials available. They seek to shine a spotlight on the Chinese watchmaking industry and deep cultural heritage.The identity of Atelier Wen speaks for itself through its name – “Atelier” being the French word for workshop, and “Wen” (文) being the Chinese world for culture. Led by French and Chinese creators, the brand is on a mission to redefine the meaning of modern Chinese style and display that in a novel form.

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