The concept underlying Soldat is simple. That is, to combine timeless, classical design with the finest available craftsmanship. The result is a durable and aesthetically pleasing piece of engineering, as intended. Soldat was inspired by the mid-century period, when many designs that are still popular today were created. The brand endeavours to recreate the beauty and nostalgia of bygone eras in collaboration with renowned national and international designers. With the belief that fine engineering must support an aesthetically pleasing design, Soldat collaborated with skilled engineers, machinists, and watchmaker from Japan. After all, the country of Japan is best well know for its high quality manufacturing prowess and dedication to details. Soldat and all of its subsidiaries were founded by Jesse Prawiro. As someone who is passionate about design, he considers every design type to be unique and worthy of appreciation. He looks forward to the bright future and the inventions it will bring, but he also learns from the architecture, culture, and history of the past and finds it interesting. As he moves up the learning curve, he has the drive and desire to become an expert on both the past and future of design.

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