RZE Watches was founded in 2020 when founder Travis Tan, his wife Vivian and long-time friend Clarence banded together to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the collection Resolute. The campaign was fully funded in 6 minutes, and the rest is history. Based in Singapore and Malaysia, RZE’s timepieces are blend of Japanese reliability and German durability in a titanium enclosure – the very same material heavily used in constructing airplanes, which Travis has spent the bulk of his life in as a long-haul commercial pilot. Growing up, he has always been fascinated by how things worked, leading to his pursuit of a Degree in Engineering. Due to his profession as a pilot, extensive travelling has allowed him to experience different cultures, which in time, influenced the design language of RZE watches. The core of the brand however, remains to ensure that the watches are always centred on functionality while maintaining a clean and simple form. Till date, the brand seeks to be the ever-faithful companion for the everyday adventurer, designed to be extra comfortable and good-looking on the wrist while one takes on new heights.
Created by Pushing Pixels