ATOWAK was established in 2010 as a watch manufacturer helping microbrands make mechanical watches. After 10 years of watch design and development experience in the mechanical watch industry, ATOWAK experienced a flexible chain of watch developments, movements, cases, straps, dials, hands, and different adornments, and accumulated enough technical support to create unique timepieces. With years of technological innovation and breakthroughs, ATOWAK launched their first 4-arm wandering hour timepiece: the ETTORE series in 2020 and gained high attention from watch lovers all over the world.

The ETTORE series allows users to enjoy the technology and design that was once only available on expensive luxury mechanical watches at an affordable price. The brand has focused on expertly merging original ideas and fascinating methods of time display, and is obsessed with fine machinery, in which hundreds of delicate parts are interwoven and enmeshed together. They seek out countless ways to create unique structures and overcome any obstacle to realizing each and every marvelous complication.

The ATOWAK team devote themselves to Redefine Aesthetics at the Wrist. The brand name — ATOWAK is inspired by Caesar Cypher, which is a straightforward type of encryption. In this encryption, each letter of the word is supplanted by another letter in a few situations down. The word "ATOWAK" is caesar cipher itself for the word "UNIQUE" when moved 6 letters.

Created by Pushing Pixels