Trifoglio Italia, a design-driven brand that blends two different worlds into one – best exemplified with the backgrounds of the two founders, Alessandro Baldieri and Jessie Yeo. Born in Italy and his talents honed in Rome and the United States of America, Alessandro’s bold and extravagant designs are inspired by his roots in cosmopolitan Rome, paying homage to the rich legacy and distinctive history of the city. Jessie was born and raised in the vibrant and contemporary Singapore, a long-time successful powerhouse in the watch industry. With her sharp instincts at reason and order, Jessie translates Alessandro’s fiery and glamorous vision into reality, and not forgetting impeccable quality. Despite the different personalities and backgrounds, the founders connect on a deeper level with their passion for travelling, humanity, and fearlessness in risk-taking. Having travelled to some of the most beautiful ends of the world, their adventures have inspired much of the watch designs. This results in a splendid mix of unfettered affection for luxury, combined with skilled attention to the details that matter. Headquartered in Singapore and retailing in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia, the brand is committed to ensure that their fans will be wearing a piece of design that is crafted with only the highest quality.

Created by Pushing Pixels