The story of BEHRENS started back in 2012, focusing on designing and developing mechanical modules to achieve new ways for time display. The brand is capable of developing and producing most of the parts in-house by their engineering and production team, alongside their CNC machinery. 3D printing technology is also adopted in the process. In 2018, the first collection of satellite time display collections (Astronomer & Space Traveler) was born, and then they have continued with the development of the modules, thereafter launching two new collections, coded ‘Apolar’ and ‘Rotary’ in 2020. With the ‘Apolar’ collection, BEHRENS launched an all-new designed mechanism called the ‘Moon Track’ which allows the orbit of the Moon to be shown and displayed in relation to the globe which acts as a Day/Night indication on the dial. The Rotary collection was based on the Rotary automotive engine that was used on the 787B Le Man’s race winner in early the 90s. It was inspired by the motion of this engine, and the twin rotaries inspired the time display for hours and minutes. These two concept watches were nominated in the prestigious GPHG in 2020. In 2021, BEHRENS launched a special limited-edition timepiece, ‘Mars Project One’ to tribute the human’s exploration journey to Mars. This timepiece features for the first time a double twin rollers time display function to display the time on Earth and Mars. The PERIGEE was born last year in 2022, featuring the brand's first in-house manual wound movement, a power source to the unique time display via a rubies chain system and an accurate Moon Track system (2nd generation). This year, BEHRENS has once again had a breakthrough in their design and development. The launch of our new collection, “UltraLight Weight” which is a completely newly designed wristwatch featuring with our latest in-house movement, Cal.BM02, a manual wound wristwatch with the weight of less than 20 grams.

Created by Pushing Pixels