Horizon Watches is a culmination of founder, Fred Bekher’s design philosophy, childhood inspiration and strong belief in details. The first collection, the Nautilus, has been in the making for the last two years. Bekher started his watch design career almost a decade ago and is fortunate to count the pioneers of microbrand watches as brands he has worked with. To date, he has built quite a sizeable portfolio. When Bekher became a father for the first time, he felt spurred to finally step out of the shadows to launch his own brand, Horizon Watches. Since starting in watch design, Bekher has reached out to thousands of watch enthusiasts around the world with his work. Sometimes, this all seems to be a surreal experience for him thus far; but he believes the best is yet to come and looks forward to sharing his future creations with everyone for many more years to come.

Created by Pushing Pixels