Feynman Timekeepers was founded in 2018 by Yong Keong Lim (YK) in Singapore, the word Feynman is derived from the name of YK’s elder son Feynman Lin. Feynman Timekeepers works with a collective of collectors and artisans, who share a common passion for watches. They believe in the art of Mechanical Timekeeping, and work towards sharing their reverence with the world, starting with the communities closest, locally. The vision of Feynman is to create mechanical timekeepers for watch lovers, inculcate an appreciation of watches in new watch collectors, and spread the passion for mechanical timepieces. YK is inspired by the prevalent beauty that is all around us, in both natural and urban environments, extracting aesthetic inspiration from all that is beautiful in our surroundings. The brand seeks guidance from natural design principles such as the golden ratio, as well as architectural practices, creating silhouettes which are aesthetically pleasing, coupled with synergistic colour palettes, to create designs which will stand the test of time.

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