Julian Michaels strives to make wristwatches which are works of art with great build and beauty at accessible prices. Combined with a sense of romanticism and practical functionality, the timepieces are created from their deep passion for meaningful human connections and crafted with an unique design philosophy. The brand promises that they will always be courageous to bring forth the most original and unexpected ideas; and to be always obsessed with attention to detail and quality control. The experience of wearing a Julian Michaels makes for great conversations, fond memories and the celebration of all life’s moments, be it good or bad. Julian Michaels’ founder Yang is a Creative Director and fine art artist, with over 100 international awards to his name. This latest life chapter sees him venturing into the realm of horology from his passion for vintage clocks and watches, and his fascination with the binary concept of space and time. Now he plies his trade, artistry and design philosophy to the exciting, and sometimes raucous, horological world and history, his own unique take on wrist watches.

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