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About TinyGene Academia (TGAC)
Started in 2021, TinyGene Academia (TGAC) is an educational hub located in Singapore that is developed by BioAcumen Global Pte. Ltd. They focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education through interactive courses for students. The team of fun, dedicated and experienced educators aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and relevant skills in different scientific industries. “Fun with Horology” aims to introduce the marvels of horology as well as what makes clocks and watches tick in a fun and engaging environment. With a syllabus designed and taught by renowned local watchmaker Alvin Sim, a WOSTEP (Swiss Chronograph) certified watchmaker and a mechanical engineer by training who is not only passionate about the mechanics of timekeeping but also in imparting his knowledge to the next generation,
students will learn the history and applications of timekeeping, physics and mechanics behind a movement, as well as gain first-hand experience in interacting with the internals of a timepiece. Alvin is supported by the team at TGAC and Constellar Timepieces.
Through a well-paced program split into Level One, Level Two, and Level Three classes, “Fun with Horology” intends to spur interest of horology and its mechanics to its young students, and to start them early to be involved in the spirit of watch collecting and watchmaking that many Singaporeans enjoy. Students can be accompanied by a parent for a fun weekend family-bonding activity, and each class will culminate in the assembly of a timepiece (hand-wind clock for Level One) which students will bring home as a personal trophyfor completing the class.