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About KEF Elements
KEF Elements was founded in Singapore in 2021 by a team of senior RAW personnel: Sugiharto Kusumadi, Founder; Easmael Yunos, Sales Manager; Fynn Sulaiman, Operations Manager; Eddy Kasmadi, After Sales Care Executive; Jasmin Semahli, Supervisor. Having been in the watch industry for more than a decade, watches have become almost second nature to this team. It was a natural progression for them to take their love for mechanical watches further with the creation of their own brand and designs.
The brand is borne out of passion – for mechanical watches; to create unique and affordable mechanical watches; and to share these creations with the #RAWcommunity. What exactly is kef? Kef refers to a state of contentment and well-being; something which brings you tranquil pleasure. KEF Elements’ watches are thus created with the mission to bring to the owner and wearer of our watches many enjoyable and fulfilling moments. KEF Elements’ first collection is inspired by the mystique and vastness of time and space. Humankind has always been fascinated by the concepts of time and space, coming up with ways to tell time and spending time and effort to study planets, moons, stars and so on in the universe. KEF Elements brings both time and space in a mechanical watch. The team selected a dial made of genuine aventurine stone to be the canvas of our night sky. Aventurine with its  midnight blue hue shimmering with glittering speckles is a perfect backdrop for the 12 different zodiac constellations that you get to choose from.