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About Kaal
Kaal Watch was founded in Singapore, by 3 experienced industry names in the world of horology - Alvin Lye who is one half of the avant-garde Azimuth Watch; Jessie Yeo, also the better half of Alvin Lye, the co-owner of Trifoglio Italia; and Alvin Lew who has spent years in the watch industry being an active watch blogger and reviewer at MicroBrand Watch World and an avid collector of watches.
“Kaal” is “Time” in Sanskrit and bellies the common fascination of the three founders in creating a piece of wearable art that also happens to tell the time. The Multiverse collection seeks to present time in a unique way. Gone are the standard hour and minutes hands, and in comes three-dimensional, ornate globes that act as the focal point of the dial, rotating like the celestial planets.