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About Gruppo Gamma
Founded in 2013 by Naomi Tsukumo, Gruppo Gamma reimagines and modernises the concept of tool watches. "Gruppo Gamma" was the code name of the Italian frogmen unit that was first put to action in the 1940s. For their underwater operations, the elite combat divers were issued timekeeping instruments repurposed from pocket watches. In this spirit, the timepieces are vintage-inspired, easy to read, fuss-free to operate and good enough for your daily adventures.
Gruppo Gamma’s manufacturing partners are in the business of building high-end pieces for luxury brands, and their strong in-house technical expertise ensures that every timepiece is cared for throughout its lifecycle. The production volume is purposefully limited to be made manageable, as such, the brand will always be engaged and personal with the collectors. The Gruppo Gamma online owners’ club was probably the first for a Singapore-based watch brand in its time. The extended community comprises customers, supporters, and a network of dealers from all over the world.