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About AVI-8
Founded in 2012, AVI-8’s brand inspiration and design excellence originate from the collaboration between pilots and engineers who served in air forces around the world. This combination of design, attention to detail, and passion has resulted in the success that is the AVI-8 story. Every collection is an explicit homage to the planes, people and history of military aviation. Each timepiece brings to life the detail and narrative of the inspiration to delight and engage the wearer.
Instead of creating another pilot watch, AVI-8 seeks to get a deeper look into the shape and form of an aircraft and tell some of the incredible stories behind aviation to help draw out the brand. The vision is to produce watches that are functional yet enjoyable to wear, which also tell a story of both man and machine. By delivering unparalleled excellence in design / specification / value in an ever competitive market, AVI-8 timepieces are timeless, yet always relevant, and in remembrance of the heroic many who have been involved in the chapters of aviation. They also seek to build a community of AVI-8 watch fans and enthusiasts globally and shed light on important and interesting facets of aviation history.